Pizza business

Pizza business in the world is about 62 BILLION EUROS

Italy, Germany, France and Spain absorb the 78% of the market.
Italian restaurants and pizzerias abroad are 72 THOUSAND for a business of 27 BILLION EUROS

(Source: ansa, ristonews)


Pizza in Italy has a turnover of 10 BILLION EUROS with 50 THOUSAND PIZZERIAS from which 20 THOUSAND take-away

The weekly consumption of pizza is about 56 MILLION that is almost 3 BILLION PIZZAS consumed in a year.

The classic pizzeria represents the 40% of the italian restaurants.

(Source: Coldiretti, Fipe)


Pizza business in United States is about 35 BILLION EUROS

93% of americans eat pizza at least once a month for an average of 350 SLICES PER SECOND

(Source: Coldiretti)


France is among the biggest consumer of pizza in the world

In 2014 809 MILLION PIZZAS have been baked that is more than 323 TONS of product, 1,20% more than last year.

French people eat about 5 KG EACH of pizza, especially “Margherita” and “Four Cheeses”.

(Source: ansa)


In Brasil there are about 30 THOUSAND PIZZERIAS

Only in the city of Sao Paulo there are 7 THOUSAND of them, almost 2 MILLION of pizzas are consumed each day, more than 40 MILLION of pizzas are sold each month.

(Source: Fieramilano)


Pizza business in China is almost 2 BILLION EUROS

It is estimated that within the 2020 about 600 MILLION CHINESES will be fond of pizza.

Recently China have bought the british franchising PizzaExpress for more than 1 BILLION EURO

(Source: Bloomberg)

Who eat more pizza

Nowadays americans are the main consumers of pizza in the world with 13kg per person per year, followed by italians 7.6kg, canadians 7.5kg, french 5kg, spanish 4.3kg, germans 4.2kg, british 4kg, belgian 3.8kg, portuguese 3.6kg, austrians 3.3kg.

(Source: Coldiretti)

Pizza is italian

Pizza is loved and appreciated all over the world, it is integrant part of the italian culture and associated to the ITALIAN COOKING STYLE.

The word PIZZA is among the first of the italian vocabulary (997 d.c.).

In 1870, during Umberto I’s stay in Naples, his wife Margherita of Savoia was honored with a pizza with colors of the italian flag, then pizza MARGHERITA became the symbol of united Italy.

Pizza appeared first in the United States with the italian immigrants in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. It was first sold in the streets and, later on, small coffees and groceries began to insert pizza in their menu.